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December 13, 2006



I am still not done with the paper, FYI. I'll try to finish before noon.

As for toastmasters, I was thinking about this last night and I have a plan, which I will post soon.


Yay you on the project. Just think... you're almost there... can you taste it yet? :D

As for toastmasters... I have a friend who loved it. Said it made all the difference in the world (he was using it to help with his preaching). If that helps.


I don't know from Toastmasters. I've heard some good stuff about it from friends. Nothing weird. It's strange, but a long time ago, when I was right out of high school, I had a couple of presentations to make to high school creative writing classes. Big groups. Scary. What I discovered then still seems true today (most recent experience: Last week, leading a political volunteers' meeting): I always feel a little awkward with a big group until I get them to laugh. After that, I'm usually able to just plow on through.

That after-school thing sounds like Arnold's first initiative, when the governorship was still just a gleam in his eye.


Dan: it was! Prop 49 provided the big funding for the creation of after school programs. Now SB 638 (Torlakson) has added the layer of bureaucracy needed to qualify for the funds.


I was paying attention!! I think toastmasters would be great - I plan on taking the course when school is done!


Toastmasters is an awesome organization! Take advantage if you have the opportunity. I've enjoyed every minute of it. The only skull & bones weirdness is they make you say the Pledge of Allegience...and wow! I hadn't said that regularly since elementary school. Much help with the public speaking though...getting over nervousness, unfortunately, is a practice makes perfect kind of situation.

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