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December 20, 2006



Not to metion the fact that "Joseph" looks suspiciously like Osama bin Laden...


"The international community was stunned today by a videotape released by al Jazeera, showing an unrepentent OBL infiltrating The Nativity in a pink gown designed by Vera Wang."


Oh, please. Anyone can see that smock was designed by Tom Ford. It's got Gucci written all over it.

Congrats with finishing up... one more semester to go!


OMG--"Joseph" is wearing pink and Mary is wearing blue. I blame Vatican II for this sacreligious display of gender confusion and biblical revisionism!
No wonder there's birth control and homosexuality in our schools! No wait, that's Home Ec and PE. Sorry, easy mistake there.
No wonder there are Protestants in the White House!

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