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December 14, 2006



All the verbal spells and charms are in Latin or Latin-derived terminology. Not all of the potions are latinate and who knows what the hell goes on in Astronomy or Herbology. My suspicion is that Latin was the original langiage of magic but you don't need to learn it as a language in order to do pre-extant spells, since pronunciation of the spell is not the entirety of the process.
My big question is this: how come, at a private school--an ENGLISH private school and we know all about those places-- where you spend seven years sleeping (as it were) with members of your own gender are there neither any raging gay/lesbian wizards or, for that matter,a whole demographic sub-section of prematurely pregnant teenage spellcasters? Or does Madame Pomfrey have a "cure" for both these conditions?


This is a policy prospectus, sweetie, not a "who does and who doesn't" forum. This time. Check back in tomorrow.


When people take Harry Potter this seriously, it kind of scares me. And then it kind of makes me laugh. And then it kind of makes my day.



Don't you run a background check on bloggers before they post?
"...take Harry Potter this seriously.." Are these people INSANE or JUST CLEARLY AGENTS OF THE DARK LORD?
It is to everyone's peril that we fail to take HP "seriously" (as though he were merely a fictional device created by J K Rowling instead of being who he really is, the voice of the zeitgeist) every day. HP is far more than private school hijinks and latinate magical spells, HP is EVERYTHING WE STRIVE FOR DAILY! Like most rational, thoughtful people, I have set aside considerable portions of my daily life and bank account to fully realize the totality of HP. My three dogs are named Harry, Hermione and Ron. And THEY'RE ALL GIRL DOGS! I have an entire HP room in my house filled with every HP tie-in ever created.
And yet people (mostly my muggle relatives) call me insane.
It is to weep I tell you. To weep the tears of Fawkes the Phoenix.


This post sounds like it was written by someone on the edge :)



I jumped off the edge years ago. Just ask Pam.


Kimberly, it is impossible to take HP *too* seriously.

Aaron Agassi

Do we actually have such complete detail of the curriculum at Hogwarts to know definitively that it does not include Latin?


we do not know!!


Bunny confirmed with me last night that Latin Studies has never been mentioned in six books. Not to say that JKR didn't have it in mind, but if it's not in the pages, it doesn't count.

Your mother

Could it be a deep seated fear of conjugation?

Aaron Agassi

Are, for example, math or English ever treated?

Does curriculum as revealed in stories set, for example, at Harvard or MIT, thereby exclude all that is not explicitly mentioned?

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