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December 15, 2006



Congratulations on surviving a whole semester of beeyotchademia.


Oh! Good for you!

I still have the eval I wrote for my professor (the theology ass...) sealed in an envelope addressed to the Dean. I, too, took the time to write in a few extra lines (a page, typed!). I kept it, instead of sending it in, because the school is so small that it would have been obvious it was from me. I was worried about retribution (he was famous for making people's lives miserable!). But, now that I've graduated I intend to send it in. He will teach the very same course in the Spring and you can be certain that I will mail mine in to coincide with all the other evaluations. And, you know, I'm OK with embracing my beeochitude. I'm so glad you can finally do the same! :D (Here's to getting that thesis...)

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