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November 07, 2006



Call away. I've been up since 5AM.

uneasy rhetoric, inveterate procrastinator

I feel your pain. The procrastinatory state is the default one for me. On the other hand, I highly recommend voting by mail (in the future, of course -- too late now). I haven't had to think about elections for two weeks.


Never do today what you can blame on the Democrats tommorow...
What kind of music instruction is Bunny interested in? Instrumental or vocal? If the latter, don't you think it would be FAR MORE INTERESTING to hook her up with DK? Having the only child in Sacto capable of singing "Kumbaya" in multiphonics would win you SO MUCH status at the local Mom-minglings! Not to mention what a splash she'd make at the UU conventions. ("We hereby move that the term 'convention' be replaced with 'voluntary mass assemblages'")


"DK" is a professional singer of our acquaintance, whose specialty is disturbing vocalization techniques. And for the record, No, I DON'T think. Sacramento is barely far enough away from the sound of her burbles and shrieks; I won't encourage a resurgance in my own home.


oh, i do this. it got to where i haven't gone out in the backyard since the four-in-a-row hurricane scares of 2004. hadn't gone to a grocery store in three years. hadn't put away the laundry, in fact slept with it in a pile at the foot of the bed. i do this. never did figure out what it was, but it's moving now, at least a little bit...

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