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November 03, 2006



Then do a project about grad projects and their relationship to funding issues or some such. When in doubt, go meta. Anything "about" can have an "about the about" component to them!
Devise an extensive survey for grad students doing grad projects: what their methodology is, where they got the idea, how they intend to use their results, how many of their profs they slept...wait, no, maybe not. Or at least keep the results private until they become very sucessful and you can screw at least a few thousand a month out of them!


Well, Pam, you're just overlooking your own genius. You mentioned the drug pushers, in an obviously facetious way. Stop being facetious, and survey (whoever) about their drug pusher experiences (in whatever setting). This suggestion is offered in perfect ignorance of your actual area of study (that way, I can't offer an idea that might be helpful).

Even better: find out how many people are doing studies of drug pushers and do a study of them. Particularly, where do they get the best goods and how many guys names Cheech or Rocco are they friends with!

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