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November 29, 2006



I like your 'going blind' line. I will have to use that. My guess is that women call in sick more often because they often bear more responsibility (even these days) for so many things: their kids being sick, buying gifts, entertaining at home, etc. I know that sounds unenlightened, but when a father can still refer to staying home with his own kids as 'babysitting', then we still have a long way to go.


yeah, i would bet it's related to kids being sick, too. as for my newly-minted, if precarious career as a schoolteacher, i must say that such days are the tradeoff we get for those long summer vacations and two+ weeks off at christmas and etc. no more days off, at least not this year, if i'm alive. i hadda not show up once already when the car died and it was Not A Good Thing.


You know, I'm not sure I ever had a boss I'd have felt at enough ease with to use that "goin' blind" line. I've had ones whom I could tell, hey, I just need tomorrow off or whatever. But in most cases, I think the whole ridiculous sick day song-and-dance has been required: "Um, I dislocated my ring finger in a poker game and won't be in today."

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