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November 20, 2006



Sorry--translation error; apprently, "Totensonntag" is more accurately "The Death of the Sun Day" (probably an ancient german solstice thing).
But bring the sunscreen anyway!


Oh heck, you're right. Well, nobody around these parts knows German anyway.


Screw Thanksgiving. I'm saving up all my holiday energy for Martydom of Guru Tegh Bahdur ... Day. Too bad he was stoned to death, otherwise I could guiltlessly say our celebration is gonna rock.


There are worse ways to die :-) (OMG, I did my first emoticon! I'm HIP NOW!)
Besides, Nov. 28 is Independence Day not for one but FOUR different countries (Albania, Panama, Palau, Mauritania)! Do Albanians even know they're a country?

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