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October 16, 2006



I sat through a midnite show of the Descent (featuring flesh eating mutants), so a few gunshots to the head, with or without Mick Jagger accompaniment, might be downright soothing.


My one "complaint" about the movie was that having milked bad-tempered, violent, crotch-grabbing, foul-mouthed Sicilians to death, Scorcese must have decided "hmm, what other group of tortured Catholics can I investigate in terms of the polarity between their guilt-ridden religion and their incessant machismo behavior?" and lo and behold: he picks the Irish! Who's next? Lutherans? Pentecostal?
Other than that, a very good movie, mostly the best of what Marty does best, which is guys, guys, guys bein', well, guys....
Look for Pam and I to post numerous satires in the coming weeks. Rats on a balcony anyone?


It's rare when Anthony and I see the same movies any more. I think the last one was either Brokeback Mtn or HP4.


It was BBM, and look how much cutting-edge parody we squeezed out of the Heath N Jake Bar! Imagine what we'll be able to accomplish with The Departed!
Pam exaggerates I fear. We share very approximate movie tastes: we both saw all the LOTR movies, all the Kevin Smith extrvaganzes up to Clerks II, King Kong, all the HP movies...Short of my flying out to NoCal and shadowing her at the local cineplex, we couldn't be more movie congruent!

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