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October 19, 2006



don't look now and for pete's sake don't TELL anybody, but your new cubicle sounds suspiciously like an **cough**office**cough.....



All I need is a little door, and a ceiling. There are plans online somewhere ...


You should do a Les Nessman (from "WKRP In Cincinnatti" if you recall that far back) and make everyone else believe your cubicle is a proper office with doors and such. You'll initially gain a reputation for being a complete crank, but, Marky-Mark my words, evenutally people will come to believe it as well.
"Marky-Mark my words"--I am so good some days. Right up there with "faux-bot" IMHO!


OK, calm down Turbo.

I already have a rep at work for being cranky. Starting a Les Nessman trend wouldn't be a stretch. Heh.

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