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September 19, 2006



Going as Sparrow is SO mid-2006. Going as Orlando Bloom's character in "Elizabethtown" is cutting-edge to the point of being dangerous.
Ditto for going as Keira Knightley. Going as Mariah Carrey in "Glitter" is truly up and coming.
Going as either Jack Twist or Ennis Del Mar is so January 2006. Going as both AT THE SAME TIME is worth THREE candy bars per household.
Going as Toscanini is pointless. Going as Stokowski earns you points in this world and the next three!
Going as Johnny Depp in "21 Jump Street" will likely get you arrested. Or a proposition from a former roommate of mine (he LOVED JD in "Jump Street": every Sunday he commandeered the TV for an hour to worship at the temple of JD. I sat there thinkiing "who is this Depp clown and I bet this is the last time we hear of him").
When I'm wrong it's always tectonic in its severity.


The apex of creativity in this household was in 1999, the year I dressed Bunny as the Y2K bug. From then on, sadly, it's been pre-packaged Halloween costumes from the store. ::sigh::


S i g h. I keep trying to suggest a different theme this year for Halloween. But alas--BW is insisting on his entire peer group (and their parents) dressing as Harry Potter characters. The travesty. I can hear you laughing at me already. ARRRG.

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