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September 21, 2006



The average "manager" has the self-aggrandizing world-view of a particularly spolied two-year old and an arc of gratitude which makes most trans-Uranic elements (particularly the ones over #100 on the periodic table) seem positively senile by comparison.
Translation: that's a lovely shade of blue you're turning.


I want to liberate all oppressed workers!


Yeah, it's the lack of simple consideration that hurts most. I wouldn't pin it on managers, though; I think it's the default position lots of us assume out there in the world: We expect a lot and take it for granted it will be there; the only time we react -- and how lovely our reactions can be! -- is when our demands are somehow not met.


My experience has been that the more demanding a manager is, or the more crazed their demands, the less appreciative they are. It's a bad inverse relationship, but there it is.

My boss is totally nice and appreciative, but sometimes I end up doing three times the work and not sleeping for days because he has taken me so willingly from "I might need your help on this" to "Thanks for everything you've done."


Ooh... feel your pain.

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