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September 25, 2006



Not surprised. At the Vienna State Opera, they not only count how many curtain calls a singer gets, but, so I've heard, they're now using sound-meter levels to gage the popularity of a particular artist by how loud the applause is.
Ah Vienna, city of sacher tortes, Johann Strauss and poop statistics!


Have you had a spike in blog traffic?


No! In fact, to my knowledge (based on Statcounter), I haven't gotten one visit from this link. It just goes to show.


Speaking as Pam's Not-Mother, I can clearly say that she doesn't NEED a spike in blog traffic; she needs nothing more than a warm, nuturing environment filled with approximately 237 people who will daily visit, ingest and comment on this site and (most especially) our sister parody site (home to America's best satire/parody/ hijinks imaginable)!
Faliure to worship The Goddess could have catastrophic effects on crop circles, ice caps and puppy pics worldwide!


Your blog is the #1 Google hit for "beancounters". I think someone did a search and picked the first thing on the list. Not that your site isn't wonderful and all :)~

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