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September 02, 2006



We were considering having a yard sale but you may have just talked me out of it. And it was my plan to keep from having to TAKE the stuff somewhere. People would just drive up to my house and GET it. Oh well.


Oh, go for it. I'm just describing our own esteemed locals.


I think Goodwill is the way to go anymore. With that silly program that comes with your tax software, it will search out Ebay equivalent prices.. and gives me much more than I do for my own stuff. And the government accepts it!!

Nice big tax deduction.. no wasted weekends... no frustration. I lug a box or two out of the house almost every month.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to get them to come into my MILs house and take it all away...


Freecycle! They can't steal it, you're giving it away, but they have to come and get it.


Try selling your SO, child and dog. The look of consternation on your neighbors's faces will well-outweigh any possible legal violations. Not to mention you might actually make some money off them!


Ya know, it's not the stealing. It's the aggressively boorish, rude behavior that says you're little more than a Bott's dot on someone else's highway to self-satisfaction. Not that I ever take it personally.


You're linked: http://sacrag.com/articles/003091

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