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September 12, 2006


ally bean

lol. that was really on the menu? how funny.


Perhaps the chicken itself was a vegetarian before its untimely meeting with an axe and some lemon sauce, or perhaps the lemon as well was vegetarian (that would make sense).
Or perhaps it's really tofu chicken. Most likely the people who run this restaurant are spies trying to extort nuclear secrets from confused customers. That's what I'd do at least.


My first thought is that this was one of those nasty meat-substitute situations, like how they sell bologna made out of tempeh or god knows what!


It wasn't tofu. I know that much, at least. The group I was with tried to identify ... it, but no concensus was reached.


A couple summers ago my mom and I had dinner at a favorite brewpub in Salt Lake City. Their soup of the night was “vegetarian cream of mushroom,” which sounded okay. It’s soup, how difficult is that? Hey, it wasn’t vegan, so it would use cream for the base, right? Since it was called cream of mushroom?

The server arrived with this large flat bowl of weirdly gristly-looking... paste. We both tried it and sure enough, it tasted like weirdly gristly-looking... paste. No identifiable cream or mushroom or even “of” in the thing at all, and the server just shook her head knowingly when we called her over to ask wtf this was. Said, “Our new cook is trying a few things out.”

I think they got rid of that cook shortly thereafter.


It's been my impression that putting "vegetarian" in a meal title means no meat, period. (Very helpful when I have to order takeout for vegetarians.) So, wtf?

And what *was* the problem with this particular dish, Pam? Inquiring minds want to know!


"Vegetarian lemon chicken" turned out to be thin, breaded, deep-fried pieces of a mystery vegetable. Sweet potato or yam was the most frequent guess. Coated - COATED I say - with about a quart of lemon sauce. There were some leaves of dispirited cabbage down at the bottom, too.

All that having been said, it WAS fairly tasty, and I ate it all except the cabbage.


My family eats a fair amount of the tofu-stuff referred to at the Chinese supermarket as "vegetarian chicken" and a different formation called "vegetarian duck." Both are much better after I cook 'em in bacon grease.

Last week I bought a green-bean pastry at the local bakery after confirming with them that the product was vegetarian -- not because of any meat issue, but I really don't like my sweets to taste like savories. They neglected to mention that the pastry dough was made with flour and slightly rancid suet. I suspect our vegetarian friends would not be pleased.


did you ask for brown rice and they served it with fried rice because it was brown? oh wait, that's MY oriental restaurant.


Where's Fu Manchu when you need him? What ever happened to treacherous Asians? Sweet potato or yam? That's hardly cause for extensive blogging, let alone culinary confusion.
I am so disappointed. If I come out to CA, let's not go to that place, OK? Steakhouse--real steak, not "vegetarian steak" thank you--is fine with me!
"Oriental restaurant"? Edward Said must really be spinning in his grave right now....

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