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September 17, 2006



I avoid that by having my hair cut by people who don't speak english (or very good english), and tipping generously.

My barberess on Cordova Lane speaks really broken english, and isn't particularly interested in politics. She knows by the amount of money I tip that I'm not there to do the Donahue show.

She is efficient, gentle, a perfectionist, and seems to be obsessing about the few gray hairs I have coming in.

It's not really clear to me when she holds up a hair or two of gray, smiles and laughs and mumbles something that could be anything from "would you like me to color your hair" to "I can rub Oxen dung through your hair to take care of this". I smile, open my wallet and pay her three times her rate, then she showers me with blatent falsehoods like the last time she said I was ready to become a model. I kept thinking, what catalog could I go work for......
Carhart, Ben Davis or Mac Tools?


bean bean bean!!! I just remembered that i never wrote you to say that you left your blue jean jacket. at first i thought it was someone else's. Now it's in the trunk of my car. So, is it yours?? Shall I mail it? Do you ever come here?


I've been looking for that jacket!


I have a very nice Korean woman cut my hair, I can't understand her very well but she seems to understand me. We chat about kids and the weather.

I agree, politics and scissors don't mix well.

your mother

Subconsciously you have wanted to return to the bangs of yesteryear.

ally bean

lol. I'm sorry about your unexpected new hair style, but it does make a good story.

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