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September 14, 2006


ally bean

oh i like this one. so nostalgic.


I can't figure out how to get the "card" from its homepage to the sacred spot...Anyone have clues?


You have to save it as a jpg. I will e-mail you with instructions.


here's my cardfile story (you just knew i'd have one): when i was a young woman i worked for the publishing house of Doubleday & Co. although it was already the heady 80's, Doubleday resisted all change, which is why we were bought by a german multinational, which in turn put paid to my publishing career. we had no computers, not even any word processors, but worked with IBM selectrics, multi-colored pencils, carbon copies, and the in-house contract department, which operated out of a bank of blond wood library cardfiles with librarylike cardfile cards for every contract. every single contract Doubleday & Co. and its predecessor, Garden City Publishing, ever wrote had its card, from 1880-something, until the one you were filing today as a lowly assistant editor. so when you went in to file the contract card on your newly requisitioned masterpiece by, say Shari Lewis (LAMBCHOP,) because Doubleday had published everyone on earth at one time or another, you like as not flipped past, say, C. S. Lewis, or Sinclair Lewis' contract for Main Street, or just about anybody, with the original fountain penned card notations marking how the advance was doled out a drab at a time, or Mark Twain's request for an extention on his overdue manuscipt, or etc. I think one of the earliest ones i ran across was for an extra $100 for Helen Keller. It was a large bank of cabinets, you all know what they looked like, one whole library lane full of this treasure.

i believe, when the company was bought towards the end of the decade, they were pulped.


that's the coolest thing ever.

I had trouble getting it to open - on a mac, I can just drag it to my desktop, which usually works - but this time didn't; it made a png file that didn't open in any program i have. Oddly, if I drag the card from my browser right into an iChat window, it shows up, and then I can drag it to my desktop, at which point it's a jpeg and I can upload it to flickr - so handy.


Pam, that is brilliant. Just wish I could think of something to write.

e, that's a fascinating story!

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