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September 21, 2006



High school or college?


Umm, excuse me, but by the time you got out of HS I was already 2.5 years into college (that is, my SECOND attempt thereof) so stop complaining and plan on going dressed as either Tommy Shaw or Dennis DeYoung!
Don't make me fly out there and make you watch "Ishtar" over and over again...


Rhea: High school.

Anthony: I have a tough enough time dressing like Pam, thank you. If that's going to net me 'Ishtar' as punishment, bring it on.


Dude, is this your 30th? If so, you should attend. It's a poignant reunion, your classmates are softer, kinder people. Arrogance is at a minimum. Your classmates will surprise you.

I'm a veteran of the high school reunion. Attended the 5th (no one remembers this - we were all too bombed), the 10th (arrogance level at the highest), the 20th (we had many AIDS deaths btw the 10th and 20th. Very sobering), and 30th (very sweet).



That's the point: dressing as "Pam" is time-consuming and difficult (to do to the complete perfection I know you strive for). To dress up as a member of Styx is as no-brainer as voting for a Republican on a Diebold voting machine; it alwyas comes out exactly "right."
I'll compromise: try dressing as Susan Alamo. Or Tony.


TWENTY-five!? It is to laugh!


I live less than 30 miles from the town I went to high school in. I have never attended a reunion. Nor will I ever. It's my fear of Styx, that's it. Shiver.


I really think we should go, my loveliest of beancounters.

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