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September 06, 2006



Sammy sounds like my ferret i used to own. could somehow find a way to anything that looked edible or fun to play with. have fun with school! happy to hear that your excitied about it and actually want to learn :P


How would Zach and Ms. Bliss handle this problem? More importantly, what would Screech do?
Mark my words: a thousand years from now, "Saved" will be the most important artifact of Western Culture to survive.

Zach: This is really good stew.

Pam: Eeugh. Fictional characters in my home. (Calls me on the phone) I've got 80s TV characters in my kitchen eating my stew. What have you got to say to that?

Me: You've been watching "Purple Rose of Cairo" again, haven't you? Oh drat, the entire cast of "Twin Peaks" is at my door wanting to sell me doughnuts. Gotta go. (Hangs up).

Pam (to Zach): Get your freakin acid-washed jeans out of my kitchen before I have both of my dogs chew your blonde head off.

Laugh track and Pam's entire reality fades out to theme music...

ally bean

Love the idea of a dog v. crockpot battle on the kitchen counter. Seems like Hollywood could make a whole tv show around this concept. They've done more with less.

Glad that your dinner was okay. Smart thinking on your part.

your mother

Purely circumstantial evidence.


i want the recipe. truly. i've been wanting a crockpot beefstew, but i seem incapable. i suppose it will involve going to the grocery, won't it. sigh. see?

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