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September 05, 2006



On the other hand, at least the kids on "Saved" were authentic pre-teens (unlike the prematurely balding "teens" of "Beverly Hills 90210") and we were treated to the non-FX spectacle of them maturing during the course of the show into equally authentic teens.
Then there's Elizabeth Berkley. Entire academic disciplines will be built around her role in "Showgirls" not to mention any number of religions and perhaps a mutant virus strain or two!
As for Dustin Diamond...well, as Wittgenstein said, where of one cannot speak, one should remain silent.


Hey! No knocking "Showgirls." It was almost as watchable as 'Crossroads'. Besides, Elizabeth was not still girl, and not quite a woman. Or something like that.

Room by Room? Did you ever watch 'Hometime?' You know, the one where Dean was matched up with one of his "wives" as they nonchalantly gut and rebuild (from the basement up) an entire house in the time it takes me to figure out how to cut the end off the caulking gun?


Ah! Is the hair on the chick from Room By Room still about 20 years behind the times? I used to love that show but couldn't stand the poor woman's hair.


Room by Room? It was filmed in Cleveland. I'm sure these are old shows repeated until there isn't anything left on the film to show. I mean Carol Duval's show was cancelled 2 years ago..after filming for 10 years... and she's still all perky and happy every morning.

Most of the daytime content on HGTV is not new anymore (all's the pity)...


In retrospect, I realize you could tell a lot about her decorating style from her chosen hairstyle. I'm going to call it 'Suburban Clenched'.

Yes, I hated 'Hometime' for that reason too. Dean and his wives! Bwah!


I would never "knock" "Showgirls": Indeed, when the history of 20th Century cinema is written it will earn a special place reserved for the truly unique. As a long-time fan of Paul Verhoven, I consider "Showgirls" to be the epitomy of sly eurotrash twitting of American sexual hypocrisy and prurience (we all do know that PV is not an American, yes?). What other director could make a movie at once ridiculously sex-soaked and yet simultaneously layered in guilt and voyeurism? As he did with "Starship Troopers" (THE most underrated SF film of the 90s) Verhoven constructs and deconstructs at the same time. The clever counterpointing of class and racial issues (as personified by Glenn Plummer's essentially decent struggling dancer/choreographer) witht he hollow, corrupt glitz of the mainstream Vegas elite Berkely strives for is the core of the film. Few directors can thumb their noses at their audience while seeming to satisfy their craving for sleaze at the same time. I LOVE "SHOWGIRLS"!
It's just a pity he didn't cast Dustin Diamond instead of EB....

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