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September 12, 2006



I dunno, it has a certain "My Little Vader" or "Strawberry Short-Darth" quality to it.

My response to the same situation:

Vader: No, I am your father.

Luke/Me: Huh?

Vader: I am your father, Luke.

L/M: Oh really. Well, while we're on the subject: thanks a whole freakin lot, DAD. Thanks for leaving me to grow up on that boring-ass planet with "Uncle Oewn" and "Aunt Beru"--the dullest two humans in the universe. And that blue milk in the square glasses? Zero points for style there. Oh yeah,and thanks for all the child-support checks. Gee, it was so gratifying to be able to buy all those power converters without having to kiss Beru's sandy butt. Rule the galaxy as father and son? You never even taught me to throw a baseball ya deadbeat metalhead freak. Screw you, I'm outta here! (Lets go of railing and drops away.)

I urge everyone with a similar complaint to post their responses as well. Let George Lucas know how POd we all are!


Luke: The Force is strong in my family ... my father has it ... I have it ... and my sister ... You, Leia.

Leia: Whoa.

Luke: Yeah.

Leia: But ... you let me kiss you!

Luke: Ohhh, yeah!

Leia: Pervert! I'm telling on you!


I TOTALLY know what I'm wearing to Star Wars Weekends in June!!! Will that make me Darth Hallo Kattekop? (For those not geeky enough to know where I'm going with that, Vader is father in Dutch, so I looked up Hello Kitty in Dutch...)


OMG, that's my sister

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