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September 29, 2006



I know what you mean. If anyone ever recorded me talking to my dog, they could ruin me by playing the tape for anyone who, previously, respected me. My dog is Sparky but he's also "Mister Boo" and "Booboo-rama." On his AKC papers, he's actually "Sparkweather," but I never call him that.


Our miracle hound is named Scout. I call him Scoutie sometimes. And Bud. And Buddy. And -- name the book! -- Buddy-roo. Of course, my younger son is somewhat nonplussed because I also call him Bud and Buddy and Buddy-roo.


A much more interesting topic for the post is "what is this dog so intently staring at and is it edible?"
Unlike cats, who are too stupid to respond to ANY name no matter how monosyllabic, dogs will gladly respond to anything which bears a passing resemblance to a name whatsoever. There's a famous Gary Larson "Far Side" cartoon which pretty much summarizes this point so I won't belabor the issue.


Hey, Sammy is still 'michael jackson dog' in this house.

Lets see, ours:

Katy (katykins, katya) princess porkchop (P or chopper for short)


Jake, jakester, jakeroni, bubby, beezer, bud.

Off the top of the my head.


Good nickname lists, people!

Dag nab it - I gotta work 'Michael Jackson' into Sammy's name somewhere.


The dogs - yeah, they have tons of names. Brigitta is Geeta, Geeta-Butt, Wookie, Thunderpaws... Well, that's probably enough.

My cats, especially my big orange tabby, respond to a variety of names as well. The Great Orange One is Mr. Bond (Bond, Mr. Boo, James, and James dahhhhhling). The two girls are Solitaire (Miss Terie, Mystery) and Tessie (Lady Contessa Teresa, Tess, T-Boo).


How about Rocket or The Launcher as befitting his physical accomplishments?

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