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September 13, 2006



Bunny: Mom, "Aunt Alia" called and said that "you shouldn't complain about the weather in beautiful, moist Sacto; on Arrakis, the sandstroms are so dry it can strip your flesh to the bone". Mom, where's Arrakis? Sounds really cool.

Pam: Umm, it's in Arizona somewhere. Old mining town. (Calls me--unfortunately, I'm still at San Dimas Mall in 1988 trying to make sure Bill and Ted don't screw up history anymore than they already have.)

Pam: Drat. Bunny, "Aunt Alia" tends to exaggerate. Must be the sugar rush from all those Fruit Roll-Ups. Next time she calls, let me talk to her, OK?

Zach (appearing from a vague somewhere): Jessie and I think your daughter could be a cheerleader at our junior high if she wants to try out!

Pam: I knew I should have had the real lemon chicken last night...


I can't believe you want to take this from e-mail to the blog forum. Nobody will read it. This will end in heartache; you'll see.

[Bill and Ted have abducted Anthony and a lot of other famous people (though they will not tell him how he got famous), and taken them to the San Dimas Mall. Anthony is working out a DVD deal with Ludwig von Beethoven in broken German. Meanwhile, in the Wet Seal store, a tardis materializes. The Doctor emerges with his latest human pet.]

the Doctor: Look at these store models, Ramona.

Ramona: They're so thin! So, Earth people are starving, yet clothing themselves very expensively. How odd. Ooh I wonder if they have that in periwinkle ...

the Doctor: No time for that now, we must find this "Anthony" and stop a major space-time catastrophe.

Your turn ...

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