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August 17, 2006


ally bean

I don't like it regardless of whether it's a rude gesture or a cactus. It's off-balance and looks stupid.

So there.


I kind of hope it is a rude gesture. If the local media have nothing better to do than report on people's exterior decorating, then they deserve to get the finger.


What cactus looks like that?

your mother

I vote for rude gesture and where did they get it?


It's just this sort of thing that keeps me awake at night. The photo leaves me with even more questions. What kind of vent takes up the entire side of a house? Are these people demented? What gives?


Are you kidding, that's just leftover 60's art searching for a new life. Red, white and blue peace sign, little marching partridges from The Partridge Family - it all has the same feel.

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