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August 29, 2006


ally bean

well, lord love a duck! some of those rubber ducks are quite well-travelled. and i thought that they just stayed at home hanging out around the tub. wrong-o.


God does not love a duck. It's clearly revealed in one or other of the Testaments. I'm sure there's some kind of prohibition about this subject. Let's ask Falwell, Dobson or Robinson. They have Commandments on everything else, I'm sure Deus-Canardophilia is in the mix somewhere...


You don't know what you're talking about. God obviously loves ducks. Your Bible must have typos. Look at the website: some duck is out there touring the world! A privileged member of the duck elite!


I'm so stealing that, "Your Bible must have typos" line. It will come in so handy in my day.


Touring the world NOW; roasting in the punishing flames of his eternal duck-hatred FOREVER in an orange-glaze flavored inferno!
(The vegetable of eternity will be squash and snow peas in a light butter sauce.)


Who are YOU to say this duck's soul is in mortal peril? Maybe this duck is 'born again' and has accepted Our Drake's eternal Egg as his Personal Savior.


I think "hatched again" is more consistently appropriate, and it is well known that the Drake Devil can quack Scripture to suit his own purposes!

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