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July 23, 2006



I really wanted to go, but my ride bailed and I can't hack this heat in my car with no AC. Maybe next year.


It is too hot to do anything! I do not know how she did it. I really wanted to go, but simply won't face this kind of heat.


I no more believe in any band called Harry and The Potters than I believe that Cornelius Fudge was a good Minister of Magic or that Professor Sprout moonlights as a dope farmer in Northern California. Our Erisian Goddess is clearly pulling our ectoplasmic leg extension!


What?! Did you not follow the links I posted? Those are GENUINE MYSPACE LINKS. Nobody lies about themselves on MySpace! Chah!


The Three Great Lies of Civilization:

1) Of Course I'll Respect You In The Morning
2) The E-Deposit's in the Server
3) Everything You Read On The Internet Is 100% True

There's a Fourth Lie but I can't repeat it with BB or Daisy in the room....

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