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July 30, 2006



this is my body...have a haunch?


delightfully UU in essence.


I can go you one better: I used to have a "Jesus-Save-The-Dolphins" routine called "Flipper Died For Your Fins." What it lacked in complete theological sense it more than made up for in pure 20 Something snotiness (I was 20 Something when I wrote it)!
This was the same period in time when I had a button made up that said Wasn't There, Didn't Do It: Not Reponsible. I would wear it at Easter. It was a "compromise" with my ever-yearning-for-gentile- bourgeoise-repectability mother, who ABSOLUTELY forbade me to wear my OTHER Easter button, the one that said CHRIST KILLER AND PROUD OF IT.
On the whole, I never could quite understand what her problem with it was...

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