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July 13, 2006



It's okay Pam, I haven't even turned in my writing proficiency waiver. I can't find my GRE score.

Post about the idiocy of this piece of paper to follow...


You know, they gave me a waiver for the graduate assistant requirement, but I'm thinking now this waiver may have just been *verbal*. Do I even *have* this in writing?!? What if they were f'ing with me and I really have to put in a semester as a grad assistant? I'm too old and too fiscally codependent to quit state service just to fetch coffee and donuts at some grotty nonprofit for $800 a month!

I have pains in my chest now. Somebody give me a call.


You are wise in the ways of the force, and will suceed in this degree. It will be an aid to your advancement, and help you with any job. BUT... not if you freak about was has or has not happened yet. I know this is trite but I have to say LIVE IN THE NOW. You are, right now, a formidable person, with a razor sharp brain.


BB is right.

Now, go get the waiver in writing.


OMG--You're getting the assignment waived? WHAT? They won't let us be grad assistants in my program. They know we'd just spend the time torturing the Junior class.

I did a semester in my undergrad work--and can I say, grading 120 freshman papers in a week was just plain hell. But I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I actually LIKED teaching those little buggers.

Congrats on your impending doom. You know, I don't understand the preoccupation everyone has about what we are doing after graduation. My d.day is December, and when I'm asked what I'm going once I have a diploma, I reply, "Retire." People think I'm kidding. Seriously, if people are so worked up about it, they can have MY diploma and be productive. Heh. I had a professor HUNT ME DOWN at my job to lecture me on my lack of ambition! Until they start repaying my loans, I say "shut it."...

Of course if YOU are worked up about what to do, then that's a different story. You have a right to be--you've earned it. :) Send the rest of the rabble to me. I'll set them straight. I like smacking heads and I was robbed of that opportunity in grad school. Sure you don't want to be a grad assistant?

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