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July 28, 2006



It's official. I am insanely jealous. Keep the "not enough bathrooms" stories coming, make me feel an ickle bit better ;-)


I'm WATCHING you... bwa hah hahahaha!


In the blog traffic session, Jo watched me viewing her blog. I watched her watching me. Talk about surreal.


i was gonna say, go find jo and badger and squid, anyway. looks like you did.

wanna liveblog for the virtual attendee chat session tomorrow?


I heard they got the WiFi working later ... I only got online once in the a.m.

Inexcusable for a hotel in the heart of the high tech world! Best WiFi ever: Convention zone, Orlando. Every inch of every hotel, restaurant and (I would guess) even the bathrooms in the convention center have speedy connections.


Ok, trolling photos of this on flickr... I'm now officially jealous. Um, you wouldn't mind asking the Liz where she got her "obey me" undies, would you? It's killing me not to know, but, um, I kinda can't just log onto her blog and say, SAW YOUR PANTIES on the Internet and where did you buy them. You know, if you can work it into conversation somehow.

Oh, and admit it, there are lots of cargo pants in the room, right? Uh huh.


so pam, did you ask her? i will if you don't, i'll post it on woolfcamp, i will :)


wende, i asked her but haven't heard yet. (pam's brain is fluff about now, she says.) but also, you can so just log onto her blog, etc. really, you can :>


Oh! e... YOU ROCK. Thank you.

Pam... rest your weary brain. :) You all look like you had fun--Woolfcamp looks more interesting IMHO. :D


Oh good grief, is this where The Question was asked? My brain really *was* fluff.

Anyway, after you wrote me, e, I'm sitting in Liz's living room, right? And somebody reports that she is reading the Woolfcamp blog and "e wants to know where Liz got her underwear". Big laughs all around! I presume you've been given a link now ...

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