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July 31, 2006



YES, CHICAGO!! STraight from Elise's mouth I hear we will be at the Navy Pier. The spouser might even accompany me on the trip.

ally bean

CHICAGO! Yes!! I'd love to go to Blogher and somewhere in the midwest I could afford. You've made my day.


Chicago in July ... groan.

I would like to re-try BlogHer with in a better frame of mind (being sick didn't help.). The WiFi situation ...well, I've said before, it was inexcusable, especially in San Jose.

Day One did not impress me much (but then, as I said, I wasn't exactly in a good frame of mind). Christie (http://dogged.typepad.com/doggedblog/) said Day Two rocked.

Next year ... we'll see.


You met Lauren!


Hiya, don't think we met last weekend, but I totally agree about the Net connectivity (or lack thereof). Very ironic. And in San Jose - home of so many techy companies like Yahoo - you'd think there'd be better wifi.

Chicago should be interesting...hotter than hell, but interesting. I worry about the Net connection next year even more so. If the trend is any indication, there will be even MORE people in need of Internet.

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