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July 27, 2006



While you're at it, make sure you PLUG our cutting-edge parody site as much as you can. Don't forget to mention the fabulous Clerks and BBM parodies and all the really clever songs we've written!
Lie a little: tell 'em there's dozens of puppy pics on it as well!


Wow. And I haven't even gotten so far as to look up the name of the hotel.


I did put the parodies URL on the business card. Soon, up to 100 unsuspecting bloggers will soon visit it.

Weird that "Gina" wrote just now. She's a NorCal resident who writes a pet column that's carried by the Bee. I've read her for years. We're sort of FOAF bloggers nowadays. I feel like she's a person I am _supposed_ to meet.


You can see the Dogmobile I'm test-driving this week. It stretches from Sacramento to Santa Clara County:



Um, go buy the cargo pants, already. :)


I refuse!


Interesting idea:

Cargo-Cult Pants!
Dropped onto unsuspecting pre-technological societies (such as the mythical Tasaday or believers in ID) these "Pants From Heaven" are worshipped as Fashions Of The Gods for generations until a local Gap opens up and the stunned villagers discover that they have been unhip for decades!
What this has to do with Pam's upcoming convention eludes one and all. And would we have it any other way?

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