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June 18, 2006


ally bean

I agree with you and your protest.

About ten years ago we had "the summer of the margarita." I tried every recipe that I could find, and ultimately decided that anything that I made at home (no matter how funky the ingredients) was infinitely better than what we got in the restaurants. Since then it's been lemonade for me at Mexican restaurants.


I have a similar post up on my blog about the wonders of the homemade margarita. The hardest part is squeezing the limes, but so worth it. My gripe with restaurant margaritas comes when they skimp on the limes as well as the alcohol, using some foul tasting mix. Blech!


The homemade margarita is a gift to mankind. Also, if you really want a punch try on the rocks and no salt, when in a restaurant. You'll really taste (and feel) the difference.


I agree that usually, restaurant margaritas are weak, adult slurpies. I found that at Hacienda del Rio in Folsom's Sutter Street though, after imbibing a couple (3)of their margarita pitchers, or "flasks", with 2 other compadres that I was quite easily able to pickle myself within 45 min.


Yes, homegrown is always best :)

(but back in the day, when I was a bartender, I made sure that certain guests had *great* margaritas. Sadly, they couldn't focus on me afterward enough to say thanks, or proposition me)


Oh, I could make you a margarita! Or a real Gin Rickie...



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