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June 29, 2006



Oh! I'm so sorry--I'm waiting for this to happen to us! I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet. Hang in there... it will get better.


Eeeewwwww! I remember lice - with long hair in school I was a lice magnet.

*sigh* but I did get good quality time with my mom as she RID my hair and picked out nits.


I wish there was something I could do other than sending huge waves of sympathy across the pond :-(


you must wash all the towels AND the bedding, and there's something to wash it in, but i forget what it is--the pharmacist will know. i know this from 30 years ago workng for a shakespeare festival: you cannot imagine the panic of lice until you consider an outcropping in a shakespeare festival, since you know what a staple of the male shakespearean costume is...two shows a day, 30 or so guys in the company, you do the math, thatsa lotta pairs.


e: Disturbing visual, but thanks for the laugh!

I think we got them all the little buggers, but we'll know for sure within 7 days. Moving on ...


In my time as a professional dramaturg, I have had numerous "confrontations" in after-show discussions with people whose major complaint seems to be "why can't you do Shakespeare the way he wanted it done" (or variant thereof). Ultimately, what these people were saying was that they wanted their Shakespeare done in tights and codpieces because that was the right and proper way to do WS because that's how they did it "traditionally" back in the 17th century. Curiosuly enough, as a scholar/director friend of mine once pointed out, what the Elizabethans were really doing was PERFORMING SHAKESPEARE IN UP TO THE MINUTE MODERN CLOTHING! That's right ladles and germs: the Elizabethans invented modern dress Shakespeare. (Mostly because they had almost no historical sense whatsoever and essentially concieved theatre as exising in the present tense!) Sp the next time you go see a "modern-dress" Shakespeare, remember this: it's being done EXACTLY as the Elizabethans had concieved it....Come to think of it, I don't think I've eve even seen a Shakespeare play done in so-called "period costuming..." If I did, I probably would think it utterly avant-garde...
Now, wasn't that much more pleasant than talking about lice?

be sure to throw away that vaccuum cleaner bag!


helpful vaccuum bag comment from me ....


Good thinking, Ann. BB did that. One thing I find I missed washing was the bathroom rugs. Creepy.


oh, we did moern dress, too, and any time in between. but we had, and they still have, an outdoor elizabethan stage and on the lizzie it is tights all the way down. except for, perhaps, caesar. or titus. etc.

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