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June 15, 2006



I just love him.

"God wrote the Bible in English for a reason..."



Ok, so when I was an undergrad, I was required to go visit this particular church for a class assignment. The place was HUGE and had a diverse, upwardly mobile population. These people were EDUCATED. The minister is butering one of my "texts" (there are a few you don't futz with in front of me) when he up and says, "And you know, if the King James Bible was good enough for Jesus, well then, it's good enough for me."

He was serious. Friends who came with me all swiveled in their seats to see if I'm handling this NONSENSE--and IZ is forcefully pushing me down in my seat and hissing, "HE'S ALMOST DONE, JUST COOL IT."

I guess it's a good thing we were sitting in the back. :)

Colbert is a genius.




[email protected] Right! English is good enough for Jesus.



The problem is that these days right-wing discourse has become so utterly insane that even pardodies of it can be used by the Young and Zealous to bolster their deficient world-views. Just ask Anne Coulter. Does anyone honestly believe that AC actually believes a single word that comes out of her mouth? If you paid her enough, she would espouse a sincere and fervent belief in everythng from UFO Abductions to Reptoid Conspiracy Theories!

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