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June 28, 2006



that's right, don't pack. stuffed animals can be thrown away, carpets can be steam cleaned; young boys can stand up to a good head shave, girls/women can make do with hair dye. if you are unwilling to use the hairdye option (child far too young i.e.) then good luck to you. and the child in question.


Ewwww! We've so far been spared that trauma. So far. I hope you can wipe out those critters easily.


Eeeeeek! You have my total and utter sympathy. I caught them a few years ago from a colleague with school age children. Had no idea until I got to the hairdressers on the Saturday morning. I cried all the way home and am a bit choked just remembering it now. And yet it's so stupid, there shouldn't be any stigma attached to it!

Hope all went well with the delousing. Dammit, my head's itching now!


the hairdye will kill them (much more effectively than the ridx, otc options) i've found, and here in florida they are the hardiest of vermin. i once spent two weeks trying to comb out and delouse my daughter's long hair. my six year old boy of course, was easiest with a quick clipper fix. but seriously, quarantine the stuffed animals, other bedding in garbage bags for at least two weeks (this is what i've heard- disclaimer; and that supposedly kills them off)

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