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June 24, 2006



Mitzie, my cat, is not a cat person. Very carefully, is generally how that works.


I think I can feel my brain turning into vanilla pudding and dripping out of my ears.
Ted Bundy wasn't a "people person" nor was John Wayne Gacy Mr. Warm and Fuzzy. So why is it so inexplicable that Daisy snarls at other canines?
They say that inordinant cruelty to animals is a semi-serious sign in kids with sociopathic tendecies. So is inordinant cruelty to humans a sign that your precious pet is the next suburban crocodile gone bad?


As a veteran dog owner of dogs who don't play nicely with other dogs....all I have to say is as long as she didn't try to rip precious Cleo apart and no vet bills ensued...you should be okay.



it's like the new moms & dads who read up on how to burp a baby and what it all means!

although maybe you and I should both read the chapters about housebreaking!


Actually, Messrs. Bundy and Gacy were noted for the pleasure they took in others' company. Real charmers. Up to a point.

Once upon a time, we brought two kittens home from Fair Oaks. Less than a year later, one of them was run over and killed. We had a brainstorm when a colleague put a found kitten up for adoption: We'll get it to keep our Lonely Surviving Cat company. Oh, boy, that was as entertaining as the average "Deadwood" episode: At first sight, the resident cat attacked the cute little kitten; and in fact, the incument never got over her rage, shock and resentment and wound up moving in with our next-door neighbors, whose cat had recently died, and eventually moved up to Grass Valley where at last report she is enjoying the good and semi-wild life.

Mom of Three

I have four dogs. Sometimes they don't like each other at all. This gets ugly and the resulting noise scares the children. Mostly, they get along. Our backyard is dogproofed and we hope for the best, but the other day, the Basset Hound and the Beagle busted out of the garage and went for a run on our busy road. Simon, the Beagle, spent some time with the nice neighbors up the street who called the number on his tag. Some Good Samaritan replaced Rosebud, the Last Basselope, in our backyard.

Life with dogs is never boring, and it's never duplicitous. They wear their emotions right their on their paws.

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