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June 27, 2006



I for one would not be surprised if she offed Harry; actually, it would not only be logical but add a great deal of depth to what already has become a giant dark mincing machine.
People I would like to see dead in HP 7:
All Malfoys up to and including Kreature!
Winky (if she doesn't stop crying in her butterbeer)!
Snape (obviously, even if he is innocent of what we think are his crimes)!
Percy Weasley (I don't think he's really a Weasley--I think Molly was magically impregnated by Cornelius Fudge and was too ashamed to tell Mr. Weasley...)
Mr. Filtch (and make sure Mrs. Norriss has to watch)
All the Dursleys up to and including Aunt Marge!
Grabbe and Goyle.
In fact, just kill off everyone except for Professor Trelawney. It's make Rowling the most hated author in English history and, of course, the wealthiest woman ON THE PLANET!!


Tee hee! Anthony covered it all! See, there are many characters Rowling could choose from to kill off that we'd all cheer about. I just can't imagine she'd kill off Harry or Ron or Hermoine. I don't believe she'd be so cruel -- and she has to love them even more than we do. (Or...maybe she's utterly sick of them...)


As long as she promises never to write another book, I'll be happy. And if she doesn't kill off potter, then--she's missed her opportunity to complete the cliche.

Oh wait... did I just diss this tripe in a fan club forum? I shall go hide now.


I just thought of "Misery."


You BOTH just dissed my boy Potter. It's a good thing you made me laugh! I forgive you, barely. ("Misery"! OMG!)

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