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June 29, 2006



Just WHAT THE HELL is going on in your house? Head lice sex? BB spouting state jargon? Foreign pets? Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria!!
Next thing we know you'll be voting Republican and reading USA Today. (Shudder...)
But you'll know it's End Times when you see the midget dancing in the Red Room while talking backwards.

ally bean

lol. definitely the chuckle of my day. thanks.


btw, we've been having the same problem with our nine year old, who has super thick curly hair. All laundry is now bleach-hot water. All combs sit in soapy water/rubbing alcohol. The plush toys have been quarrantined. Yet they continue. I'm hoping that out of all this she takes more personal responsibility for her hygene. Yuk. Good luck.

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