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April 17, 2006



Happy Birthday!

I popped over yesterday on the recommendation of Debra at A Stitch in Time and had a blast wasting time on the EggRun game.

Hope you have a great day!


Happy Birthday! Me, I'll be 44 on Saturday....


Happy Birthday from a fellow Aries!


Happy Birthday!

I just had one, too, I'm now "forty something" instead of "forty"


Happy birthday, Pam!

Mine isn't until June, but it'll be a big 'un. (Sigh)


Happy Birthday! :)

And what is it about arm patting? Boy Wonder has begun to do the same thing? What are they doing? Practicing to be 80? sigh--nine year olds.


Happy Birthday!!

Do you get another cake- one for Sunday and one for Monday?


Happy Birthday Pam! Hope you paint the town red! You know, if you like painting.


How can you have a birthday when you are, in fact, timeless? Like the Q, time is something that happens to other people.
Ben Folds is merely Joe Jackson after all the irony and anger has been removed and replaced with mere smugness. You heard it here first, ladles and germs!
Oh yes, and Happy Pseudo-Birthday! Can't fool me though; I know where you and Eternity live!!


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday! My husband's birthday fell on Easter again this year so he got an extra-special basket o' goodies. And a huge bag of Jelly Bellies. :) Take his advice tho, and go for creating a birthday WEEK. He had today off from work, tomorrow some friends take him to dinner... Really, you can work this thing. ;)


happy bday, pam, although here it is actually tomorrow already so for the nonce i'm adopting pdt :)


Happy Bithday!! Belated, but still heartfelt. I didn't even turn my computer on yesterday. I think it might be some kind of a record!


Oh, damn! That's what I get for taking a day off and not reading blogs yesterday. I missed it. :( I hope it was a fabulous one, Pam.

In my family, these things get stretched out for WEEKS. Let me know if you need a primer on how to make ridiculous demands and then tack on, "because I just had a birthday!" My son seems to have this down to an art form.


Happy birthday Beany-

As always, I am a day late and a dollar short.



Happy birthday Mommy! I hope you liked the presents!


Wait a minute! Is that #43 a hint?

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday to you! (a little late)...

I'm gonna guess you are 42...

oh, wait.. that's the meaning of life...


Happy Birthday Pam! (albiet late, as usual!)


Happy Belated Birthday Beancounter!


Dammit, I knew I should've been bloghopping instead of decluttering! Many belated birthday wishes Pam!


I'm sorry Pammy! I'm late to the party. Happy Birthday, 22 times!


so that means this one makes 45, right? i mean you're the beancounter, you'd know better, but we were at 22 and jo's 22 makes, wait, subtract jo since she's one of her own 22, but then add me for this one....367! got it in one!

yeah, well, i'm older.


happy slightly belated birthday!


Hey, another April kid. Many happy returns -- and only 18 more responses needed after this to force you to 'fess up.

Reverend H.L. Spork

Happy birthday plus a few days!


Happy five-days-after-your birthday to youuuuuu,
Happy five-days-after-your birthday to youuuuuu,
Happy five-days-after-your birthday , dear Beancounter,
Happy five-days-after-your birthday to youuuuuu!

(And many morrrrre)
(On Channel Fourrr)
(And Scooby Doooo)
(On Channel Twooooo)


one more -

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