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April 19, 2006



Only Spielberg can kill the dog!


That is so awesome.


I'd give it to Karan at Flummel... she could put it in her yard and string it with lights for Christmas. THAT should get the point across to the neighbors with the blow-up Christmas scene. :)


where else? In front of the Rancho Cordova Cultural Center, the Stagger Inn. Budgezilla!I'd have BOCs song playing via motion detector so as you walk up, the song kicks in...


I would position it in my yard so that it looked like it was about to eat my mailbox. Now, my postal service person might not like that...


I'd put it in the middle of the road. I don't care that I could get in trouble - just imagine the looks of people's faces as they drive down the street! And if I thought someone had overcome their fear/surprise/laughter enough to complain to any legal bodies, I'd smuggle the sculpture away until they'd gone away again...and then put it back :D


I think it would make a swell bedroom sculpture for the current White House incumbent.

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