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April 25, 2006



what, i must know, does entertaining the world have to do with blogging?

but then, i know how you feel, and i'll happily lend you an anecdote. a short one, about a six year old boy and a box of powdered donuts resembling a pelican gobbling fish...


But your very blockage is blogging material in and of itself. Surely you remember how a certain professor at our alma mater turned his domestic soap opera into an ongoing peice of learned performance art that lasted my entire time there...And yours as well, if I recall correctly.
Maybe you should blog about some of the "stranger" people we all knew at That Place. Worth a week or two of entries in and of themselves!


I'm at the point where I may consider guest bloggers. Anthony, my friend, are you up for writing installments of "Alerte!"?

(Note to others: "Alerte!" is his/our idea for a "Noises Off" type of play, about a small town college faculty production of Wagner's Ring Cycle. Based, scarily enough, on factual events during our undergrad years.)


Ok... I'll take the other side--I say take a break. We'll all live! We will obsessively check your blog, of course, in anticipation of an update. But, imagine our thrill when it finally arrives. :)

As for guest bloggers, what a good idea. Besides the brilliant Anthony (which would be a draw!) maybe you should rent out your space to let people write things to a readership they can't write to their own.


Pam - hang in there. Sometimes a day or two away - or - a good book read - something like that - will break open your creativity. You BLog is a good one. Very witty - i like it.


yeah, public policy, what's up with that? we have a policy?


Hi Pam,

What a nice place you have here! I'll be checking in. Can I add you to my favs list?

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