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March 29, 2006



A male adolescent "version" of this film of unprintable obscene content ran through my mind upon reading this, but on second thought I think I'll just walk away while I still have my cookies un-tossed....


grrrrr.....snarl...snarl...GRRRRR....YAP YAP YAP *BITE*



Pammy! How did you find this? My God, was this Disney shit a total sham! And the euphemisms - 'dainty' really meaning 'better not bleed through your white jeans, or you're done for, sister!'

And the 'dainty' cartoon characters all looked like Tinkerfuckinbell!

I'm going to show this link to Molly and we'll laugh our heads off.

BTW, she's had a copy of Our Bodies, Our Selves for two years now. Fuck that Tinkerbell shit.


Dangerous waters ahead~This video is using the worst kind of quasi scientific language to make the subject impossible for most students to relate to. You never really know how the fertiliztion process takes place, and in my 15 years teaching this translates as much more likely to get pregnant, or contract diseases. The blood is WHITE!!! How many generations of young women have thought they were really sick or even dying because of this callus attitude toward the pain and emotional roller coaster that accompanies the cycle? It has improved at schools, but it could cycle back to this mode with the current immoral minority in charge.

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