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March 28, 2006



here, all cars are that champagney color, mine included. i call it "car color."


I was living in Marin Co. when the war began in Iraq... up until last fall anti-war demonstrations were held every week in downtown San Rafael... Still, it was interesting to note the diversity in "opinion" people broadcasted on their vehicles using bumper stickers. There was something about the variety of cars and the variety of messages juxtaposed with where I lived-- I toyed with a photo essay on it. But graduate school (specifically seminary) has a way of sucking the very life out of you by draining all your creative energy. So--yeah, no photo essay. I regret it--I think it would have said a lot.

The most memorable expression (how I wish I'd had my camera) I noticed while driving through Larkspur--the car in front of me had a bumper sticker in its back window that said, "I voted for Bush"--below it, the driver had attached a makeshift sign that said, "I'm so sorry--I didn't know."


These are great, I just posted a link to my blog.

We live in a college town and bumper stickers are still fairly popular, but it seems window stickers are even moreso. The ubiquitous Calvin peeing on something, or course, but they are getting fairly creative nowadays.

The other day I saw "What would Scooby Do?" on the back of a car (a Subaru, I think, as if it matters)


Heh... saw one last night that had a picture of Bush on it that read: You can fool 51% of the people. . . :D Made me think of you.

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