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January 02, 2006



Oh, yes, that's right, Jose was on the judges panel, wasn't he.

But that does not tarnish the honor and distinction of our awards! In fact, it enhances the gleam of our trophies! Because we know it's from the depths of Jo's heart and perhaps her puke bag, as well!

World peace and harmony through the Spanglemonkeys AND salt rimmed goblets of Margaritas!


Yes, but did Joan Rivers trash your dress on the red carpet? ;) Bravo. Is there a list of all the honorees?


Why was I passed up for "Best Non-Linear Contributor To A Blog (SALS Category")? These awards are popularity contests won by whoever (or whomever, Pam's mom can referee that one) gets to be Homecoming King and Queen!
But congrats to Pam for doing whatever she did to win whatever she won....


All you have to do is ask, Anthony, and it's yours! That's the beauty of the Spanglemonkeys.


Basically, he just did. Darling, consider yourself awarded! W00t!

Since you don't have a blog anymore, though, you'll just have to make the little icon into your screen saver. :-)


Speech! Speech!

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