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January 01, 2006



Really? Okay. I'll take her. I had talked her out of it and into the Producers, but it's another day now...


Can ANYTHING equal the sheer depressive power of a rainy day in the Central Valley? It's like Dante's Inferno filmed by Chris Columbus on Prozac with a score by Hans Zimmer!
Well maybe not that bad, but still pretty dismal...


The rivers are amazing when they come up like that -- I remember (when was it? '97?) when the American River came up and trashed the pedestrian bridge just west of Sunrise. That higher bridge to the east of Sunrise, the red one that goes into "downtown" Fair Oaks, is a favorite spot. And one last river thing: We actually did a mini-road trip once in the early '90s with our 'cross-the-street neighbors to see the Yolo Bypass when it was very full. Then Murder Burger in Davis, then home.

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