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December 06, 2005



Brilliant! I'm waiting for him to cover Nirvana. :)

Oh,and somewhere on your site *someone* was spouting heresy suggesting Kurt Cobain isn't a God. I nearly choked on my coffee. You might want to atone for that soon-- before lightening strikes or famine. eh.

I think I might just buy this album--thanks for reminding me I wanted this! :)


Coming from a seminary student, the opinion about the heresy carries real weight. Thank you. Certain people indeed need to atone.


You know, I guess I'd better come down there and get you outta tha house for a change!

Cap'n Kirk's record was a HUGE deal at about this time last year. One of our local radio stations played his spoken word duet with Rollins pretty regularly when the cd came out.

I shall now post this and wait for Anthony to tell us how Einst├╝rzende Neubauten or Fugazi covered that song years ago.


Nah, I'm more into GWAR and Norwegian Black Metal anyways...
Since I wasn't able to listen to the link, WHICH Joe Jackson song is being massacred? Pam and I are EXPERTS on JJ, having been to one of his more interesting concerts (the lighting computer was on the fritz and at one point JJ told the somewhat unruly audience right during the intro to "It's Different For Girls" that if they wanted to be noisy they could "go to a F%^&$* AC/DC concert")!
Showmanship--you either have it or you're Trent Reznor!

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