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December 30, 2005




Ya know most of those UFOs that are sewn together and a relatively decent size? Donate those to charities!! All the folks in the south who have everything would appreciate these (well, atleast for a while). Or local project linus... or Blankies for Grownup here in Contra Costa...

Get them out of your house and you will feel so much better.


Ok so John's dad is Pa Kent and his mom is Aunt May.

Did I get that right?


Gee, that's swell! I want a job from the state employment agency, too! Oh wait, I'm a girl.


Not to worry, Jo. Why, there must be jobs for high school-educated gals like us! Secretary, operator ... cigarette girl ... pole dancer ...


*snort* pole dancer.


All I really want is a state-sponsored apron and a man to care for. And a woman on the side. D'oh! Did I say that out loud?

Congratulations on your Spanglemonkey award. I have named it!


Aww! It's terrific! Must get my speech ready!


Congrats, indeed, Ironspiked one.

So, no posting? Does this mean YOU WENT OUT for New Year's Eve? Dang, if you did, girl. And if you didn't, welcome to The Boring Club, where I preside as Madam President.

Happy New Year's to you, my lovely cyber/visceral gal-pal.

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