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December 18, 2005



Heh-heh. I always say my three favorite chick flicks are Aliens, Terminator2, and Cutthroat Island. (Sigourney, Linda, and Geena in all their butt-kicking glory.) I look forward to seeing Kong, but does Naomi get to kick any butt? I liked her a lot in The Ring except that she seemed a bit victim-y. I just scanned her IMDB profile and I don't think I've seen her in anything else.

(p.s. Sigourney, Linda, and Geena were 37, 35, and 39 respectively when they did those movies so I guess there is hope that my mid to late thirties could be pretty cool.)


No, Naomi doesn't do any butt-kicking. She's a victim of circumstance throughout, though to her credit, she is substantially calmer about it than Fay Wray was. But she runs around Skull Island barefooted the whole time on rocks and sticks and bugs, and never winces.


first saw Naomi Watts in mulholland drive.

I cracked up at the Hollyweed spin machine's echo chamber feedback. One week, I'm reading how this movie will set box office records that will redfine the industry, how watching it is close to being a religious experience, and the next week, the media is talking as though the movie is a failed Bush economic stimulus package.

I hope they make a sequal when Kong goes after the news outlets in NYC. Something like "Kong II: Hannity and OReilly in fear". I would love a movie where Kong reaches into the "Spin Zone" to grab him.


Never saw Cutthroat Island. Anthony rants so much about it, I haven't had the nerve. But I LURVE Alien and T2. I always wanted to be Linda Hamilton. Those buff biceps!


Sometimes I think that everyone hated Cutthroat Island except my husband and me. We can watch it over and over, and quote it to each other for no reason whatsoever. When under stress we'll suddenly pipe up with, "I find myself being fired upon by an entire ship!" At other times we'll just wander the house calling, "Trotter! TrotTER! TROTter!"

Of course, we're the same people who can look at each other and say, "TOE PICK!" simultaneously because we both just knew it would crack us up. (From 'The Cutting Edge.') We are such movie hos - over 400 on dvd and still collecting...


i l;iked the girl too. she was gorgeous. my one beef: she needed to keep her mouth from gaping open like a stunned fish at every moment.

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