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December 09, 2005



So do the frat boys at least have the courtesy to invite you to a kegger to hear their band?
Get sleep? Sweetie, you sound as though you're one step from seizing a major American city and holding it hostage with threats to have Daisy bark at major world leaders until they give in to your demands...I think a restful vacation in the sheep country of Wyoming is absolutely in order. I hear the boys are very nice up there....You can send me a covert video...I mean a postcard...


Isn't learning group dynamics the real purpose of grad school? They dress it up by having you all do something "meaningful"... but the real goal is to experience different groups, think about how they work, and learn how to be successful in a cooperative venture?

think that's why I make quilts... alone.


Grad school is a shitty place to learn group dynamics. It doesn't mirror the real world at all. People have competing priorities and there's nothing you can do to change them. They have to be intrinsically motivated, or at the very least, motivated by their grades, to focus on the project. For the 6 hours you put in, I thought your presentation was totally solid, and I would give you an A-. I put in much more on mine, and you saw the result. Total garbage.

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