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December 13, 2005



At this point I suggest that you start thinking in Sodom and Gommorah terms: lots of balls of fire raining from heaven and few pillars of salt thrown in for good measure. Worked for Bob Dobbs and L Ron Hubbard (or so it has been revealed unto me).
I have never yet met an academic type who can't be cowed into submission by a few well-placed righteous blows to the new Subaru. Throw in a thunderous voice from parts Above and hell, you can get your Ph.D without much effort!


I'm starting to worry about you, and the fact that you keep referring to me as a deity. You're in dire need of some time off, sweetie. You need to travel to another state. Watch a hockey game, drink some beer, tip some cows.


Well, I know what he's talking about, what with the whole "appearing in front of shepards" thing you've been doing. Oh, yeah, and the "voice in Jo's head telling her to go on a tri-state kill spree" thing. Jeez!


I would never tell you that you suck!!! The Prof did say his Saturday class was beyond full and the Monday class was begging for people...wonder what happened.

Only one class! - there goes the idea of three heh.

P.s. the schools administration does suck. Big time.


HUGELY! You;re totally right Pam, there should be enough room for everyone in the mix. And I'm sure they'll let you into 240B.

And here's an example of public vs. private large organizations where private really is more responsive. I just didn't realize it until I got to a CSU.


210 I mean. I mean they'll let you into 210.

Trust me, when we're crying over our 207 papers, you can laugh at us.


The more you deny your divinity, the more we know you truly are the Chosen One and A Half. No amount of vacationing, beer-drinking and cow-tipping (actually, it was throwing rocks at Clydesdales) will alter your place in the Grand Hierarchy.
But we love your faux-human modesty. Like Basic Black after Walpurgisnacht, some things never go out of style...

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